Fall down six times, get up seven

Babies are remarkably resilient. Without our coaching they manage to learn to walk. They learn by falling. They fall again and again and again. And every time they fall, they get up and try again.

Somewhere along the way, some of us decided we didn’t want to fall anymore, so we stopped taking risks. We didn’t want to get lost so we stopped driving to unknown places. We didn’t want to feel awkward at a movie or restaurant alone, so we refused to go out alone. We forgot that the process of learning anything new involves failing—and trying again. We forgot that the process of picking ourselves up again and again helps us learn new skills, make new friends and explore new places. We equated falling with failure rather than part of the process necessary to learn new things. We forget that the second, third, or fourth time we try something, we will likely be better at it.

One of my favorite comics is a dad explaining to his seven year old that he teaches adults to draw. “You mean they forgot?” she asks.

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