About Beryl Schewe, MBA, MDiv

Beryl Schewe is an author, columnist and speaker. Her first book Habits of Resilience: Living Fully in the Midst of Grief and Loss is written with candor and humor, an authentic voice that resonates with wisdom that is hard-won.

If you sat down for coffee with Beryl you’d discover her life is filled with “God-shots”, events that transformed her life and direction, events she describes as “the heavy hand of the Holy Spirit.” She is funny and honest as she describes her turning point from marketing Hamburger Helper in her MBA life to accepting a full scholarship to study for her MDiv.

Beryl Schewe is an articulate, curious and faith-filled woman. She leavens a sense that’s there’s no such thing as a coincidence with a speaking style that’s self-deprecating and humorous. Her life and work radiates gratitude.

In addition to writing books, a newspaper column and her blog, Open Every Door, Beryl is also a board certified chaplain and director of Pastoral Care for a 2400 family Catholic Church in Minnesota. Beryl serves on the Spiritual Care Advisory board of a Minneapolis hospital. She has BA from Duke University, an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and an MDiv from St John’s University in Collegeville. She completed her chaplain residency at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Beryl lives and works in Minneapolis with her husband Steve. They have three adult children.


Beryl Schewe is a wise and compassionate guide on life’s journey. She writes with the grace and respect from her own experience as one who has given practical spiritual care for many years.

Zara Renander, author of Labyrinths: Journeys of Healing Stories of Grace.

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