“Lovely presentation”

“Enlightening seminar”

“Beautifully presented”

“Beryl is polished, professional and such a  great source of wit and wisdom”

“The presentation exceeded my expectations”

Beryl Schewe has given us much more than a how-to book.  Her guide shows us the skills we need to work through our inevitable grief and teaches us how to develop them.  But be prepared to weep a bit.  Her stories will touch your heart—and lead us to become more resilient!  I have already recommended it to a friend.

Irene Nowell, OSB,  author of Pleading, Cursing, Praising:  Conversing with God through the Psalms

This is a compelling, authentic, beautifully-crafted book that shines with wisdom, grace and experience.  Grief can be a lonely place – but Beryl Schewe means it doesn’t have to be.

Read it, weep, learn and wonder. Schewe’s lifetime spent providing pastoral care to the grieving can’t have been easy – her wisdom has been hard-won. All of us can now benefit from it in terms of how we live, how we face up to our own mortality, how we grieve and how we support those we love in their grief.

From now on I think, I hope that when I think of grief, I think too of the quiet marvel that is resilience.

Judith O’Reilly former BBC journalist and author of bestselling book Wife in the North

No one needs to be mired in grief. In Habits of Resilience Beryl Schewe shows us how to be intentional and active participants in our own inevitable grief journeys. She also tells us how to offer compassionate and practical guidance to other persons dealing with loss and grief. Drawing from personal experiences as well as her many years in pastoral care ministry, Beryl Schewe presents a book that looks upon experiences of grief as rich and positive opportunities for growth and for loving, healing service to others. Her use of stories and case studies makes this a moving and engaging read for any Christian seeking to make sense out of loss and unexpected life changes. Beryl Schewe offers an especially helpful resource for anyone engaged in church ministry.

Bernard Evans PhD., Associate Dean, St John’s School of Theology

Beryl Schewe is a wise and compassionate guide on life’s journey. She writes with the grace and respect from her own experience as one who has given  practical  spiritual care for many years.

Zara Renander, author of Labyrinths: Journeys of Healing Stories of Grace.

An excellent and accessible resource. Both a practical guide that examines all kinds of grief and a deeply spiritual one for times in our lives that require alternating and simultaneous measures of both.

Bishop Sally Dyck, Episcopal leader of the Northern Illinois Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Drawing on years of pastoral care and chaplaincy experience, Habits of Resilience offers concrete strategies for building the spiritual resilience we all need in times of bereavement. Beryl Schewe’s vivid storytelling will get your attention, and her practical wisdom will earn your trust.

Dan McKanan, Harvard Divinity School

Habits of Resilience, an encouraging, evocative and life-affirming book, offers a welcome pastoral approach to grief.  You will want to share this book with others.

Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ, author of Becoming the Sign: Sacramental Living in a Post-Conciliar Church (2013)